Why we travel

Why we travel

Lesson overview

This Upper Intermediate lesson plan focuses on expanding travel vocabulary and mastering the use of “would” for describing past habits.


We’ll kick things off with an engaging game where students will guess words connected to traveling from the clues we provide.


We’ll watch a video called “The Point of Travel” to spark a discussion. After the video, we’ll explore its main points with questions aiming for both simple and more reflective responses.


In this part, we’ll zoom in on using “would” to talk about things we used to do regularly in the past.


Here the students will get to apply what they’ve learned by reworking sentences to include “would” or “used to.” It’s a hands-on approach to reinforcing the grammar.


The students will read a complaint about a hotel stay and then discuss how they would respond if they were the hotel manager, offering a change in perspective.


Students are tasked with writing a brief piece on why people travel, encouraging them to put the newly learned vocabulary into practice.


To finish up, there will be a discussion based on a word cloud related to travel. This will help practice the new vocabulary and grammar structures covered.

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