Timeless fashion design

Timeless fashion design

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, the student will learn new vocabulary and have a discussion related to sustainable and timeless fashion. They will also contrast Present Perfect and Simple Past tenses.



In the warm-up activity, the student circles the words that they associate with the word timeless (lasting, ageless, permanent, etc.).


Vocabulary: Sustainable fashion 

The student learns new vocabulary by matching it with the definitions (textile, kimono, fiber, etc.). Then, they read explanations of sustainable fashion and textile dyeing and answer the comprehension questions.


Video: Timeless fashion design

The student watches the video Timeless fashion design and selects the facts about the fashion industry found in the video. They complete the video comprehension practice and review the vocabulary they learned earlier in the lesson.
They decide if the fashion pieces shown in pictures are timeless or not.


Grammar: Present Perfect vs. Simple Past

First, the student reviews their knowledge of the Present Perfect tense, the structure and the use of for and since. Then, they contrast it with the Simple Past tense. They complete sentences using one of the two verb tenses.

The lesson ends with a wrap-up discussion about fashion and grammar review.

If this lesson was to your liking surely you will enjoy this plan as well 🙂

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