The world is your catwalk

The world is your catwalk

Lesson overview

This ESL lesson looks at modern fashion trends as students compare present perfect continuous and simple. The practice activities allow students to see how each tense is used and gives an opportunity to learn new skills.



The lesson starts with warm-up questions related to clothes. The student then names clothing items in pictures (leather jacket, pencil skirt, Chelsea boots, etc.)


Reading: Fashion evolution

The student reads a brief history of fashion evolution and answers the questions that follow. 


Grammar: Present Perfect Simple vs. Present Perfect Continuous

These two tenses are compared and contrasted in terms of their structure and use. The student practices using the tenses by choosing the correct alternatives and filling in the gaps. Later on, they find and correct tense mistakes in sentences


Vocabulary: combining adjectives/verbs and prepositions

The student learns which prepositions to use in combination with adjectives in order to talk about fashion (impressed by, adventurous with, addicted to, etc.) They use them to fill in the blanks in sentences about fashion.  To practice using the new vocabulary, the student picks a card and answers a question containing one of the phrases mentioned earlier. 


Video: Top 5 fashion designers

The student watches a video and learns about five fashion designers that are doing great things in the modern age. First, they answer the questions based on the video, and then, they match trademarks with fashion designers.

Finally, the student picks a card with a fashion/shopping situation and engages in small talk about it for one minute.



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