The quirks of office life

The quirks of office life

Lesson overview

This ESL intermediate lesson allows students to gain proficiency in using the Past Perfect Continuous tense. It emphasizes the correct structure and practical application of this tense in scenarios relating to office life peculiarities.



The lesson starts with a fun discussion on office life memes, setting the stage for an engaging and relatable learning experience.



In this section of the business English lesson plan, students will watch the video “Office Space – Did You Get the Memo?” After viewing, they’ll engage in a series of questions aimed at enhancing their understanding of the video and developing their conversational abilities.



A concise overview of the Past Perfect Continuous tense, complete with pertinent examples, will be provided to solidify the students’ understanding of this grammatical structure.



In this section, students will engage in exercises specifically designed to refine their ability to construct sentences using the Past Perfect Continuous tense.



The lesson includes reading a brief article about office life. This will be followed by a group discussion that delves into the main ideas and themes of the article, aimed at improving reading comprehension and encouraging students to articulate their opinions.



To wrap up, the class will engage in a thoughtful discussion centered around a thought-provoking work-related quote.

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