The dangers of having too little to do

The dangers of having too little to do

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, the student will discuss the dangers of working hard and having too little to do when they have the possibility of having rest.



The lesson starts with a discussion about work life vs. free time.


Video: The dangers of little to do

The student gets familiar with new vocabulary (vehemently, dawdling, persecutory, etc.) through a matching exercise. Then, they use it to complete the sentences.

The student watches the video explaining the dangers of having too little to do. This is followed by a video comprehension activity and a crossword through which the student learns and practices using new words (embark, futile, firmament, etc.).

They mark the statements based on the video as true or false.

Next, they put the phrases into the correct columns based on their meanings – work hard, be tired, and have a rest/relax. Then, they solve the rebus to decode the idiom (go the extra mile, buckle down, chill out, etc.).

The lesson ends with a discussion related to leisure time. 

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