How to be happy

How to be happy

Lesson overview

This upper intermediate lesson plan is tailored for students willing to enhance their skills in using “however,” “although,” and “despite/in spite of.” The focus is on mastering the correct formation and practical use of these conjunctions, particularly in contexts related to the theme of achieving happiness.



The class commences with a lively discussion about various memes connected to the concept of happiness. This activity is designed to capture the students’ interest and lay a relatable foundation for the lesson.



In this segment, students will be shown the video “12 Harsh Truths You Need To Accept To Live a Happy Life.” Following the viewing, a range of questions will be posed to deepen their comprehension of the video’s content and to further develop their speaking skills.



This part of the lesson plan involves a detailed explanation of the usage of “however,” “although,” and “despite/in spite of.” The explanation will be supported by examples that are specifically chosen to enhance the students’ understanding of these conjunctions.



Here, students will participate in various exercises aimed at improving their ability to correctly apply “however,” “although,” and “despite/in spite of” in different contexts.



The lesson also features a segment where students read a concise article about the pursuit of happiness. Following the reading, a discussion will take place, focusing on the primary ideas and themes of the article. This is intended to foster better reading comprehension and to motivate students to share and discuss their perspectives.



To end the lesson, the class will engage in a meaningful discussion, prompted by a fascinating fact about what truly contributes to happiness.

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