The art of miniature cooking

The art of miniature cooking

Lesson overview

This A2 English lesson exposes students to various tools and equipment used in cooking through the lens of the internet’s recent sensation – miniature cooking.


Warm up

Free talk questions about mini cooking are used as the springboard of the discussion.



The student gets familiar with the words and phrases related to cooking through matching activities, some of which include images (e.g. mix, whip, mince, slice, etc.). Then, they use these words to complete the sentences.


Video: How tiny food videos are made

The student watches the video about how tiny food videos are made and answer the video comprehension questions. They mark the sentences based on the video, true or false.

The student names cooking tools in the picture.


Grammar: Articles

The student learns about definite and indefinite articles and how to use them. They put their knowledge into practice by completing the sentences.

To review the vocabulary, the student sorts out cooking ingredients, tools, and equipment.



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