The art of design: From fashion to logo

The art of design: From fashion to logo

Lesson overview

This Advanced ESL lesson provides activities that encourage discussions about designs, gradually moving from fashion to logos.


Warm up

Guide questions about fashion are provided for a free talk experience.


Vocabulary: Fashion

The student matches words and expressions related to fashion with their meanings (fashion slave, super extravagant, baggy, etc.). Then, the student uses them in sentences. The student chooses best descriptions of the fashion styles shown in pictures.

They also review clothes patterns and materials (leather, polka dots, floral, etc.).


Reading: What does it take to be a fashion designer?

The student reads a text about the skills and talents one needs to have to become a fashion designer and then answers the reading comprehension questions.

They sort out the upsides and downsides of fashion.


Vocabulary: Fashion brands and their logos

The student matches logos of some fashion brands with their descriptions (Versace, The North Face, Adidas, etc.).


Video: What makes a great logo

The student watches a video about famous logos and completes the video activities. They contrast logos then and now and sort out logos by their types (wordmark, pictorial, abstract iconography).


Grammar: Passive form review

The student reviews the passive form structure and puts their knowledge into practice.



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