Setting the date

Setting the date

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson, the students will learn expressions related to making appointments. Specifically, they will gain language for making phone calls and organizing dates.



In this class, the student reads a voice message and identifies expressions used to set or change dates. Then, they learn about modal verbs we can use to make requests and express urgency, necessity, or obligation (must, need, can, could, would like). They practice using modal verbs to complete sentences.


Vocabulary: making appointments

The student learns useful vocabulary to make appointments and practices using it (check, book, available, etc.). They also learn how to use prepositions with time references correctly (at lunchtime, in the afternoon, etc.).


Video: Making an appointment

The student watches a video of patients making appointments with their doctor. Next, they complete the video comprehension and match the expressions and words from the video with their meanings.

The student then reads a dialogue about making an appointment and circles the correct prepositions to complete it. They do a similar exercise with a conversation about changing an appointment.

Finally, the student learns how to end a call after the appointment is made.

In the last exercise, the student picks a card and practices making an appointment, changing a reservation, and ending a call.



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