Photography is the best hobby

Photography is the best hobby

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, the students will watch a video, and do several short readings on photography as a hobby, and the principles involved in it.  They will also learn and practice describing cause and effect using comparative forms



The lesson starts with a discussion about hobbies in general as well as taking up photography as a hobby.


Video: Photography is the best hobby

Prior to watching a video, the student gets familiar with new vocabulary (bopping, overlook, high-end, shoot, etc.). Then, they watch the video Photography is the best hobby and complete the video comprehension practice. A few phrases are extracted from the video (stay tuned, keep in shape, be on the fence, side hustle, driving force) for the student to match them with their meanings and the situations that describe them.


Vocabulary and reading: photography

The student learns about some common principles for using photography in presentations (rule of thirds, no white background, depth of field, natural photography, and high quality). Next, they label parts of the photo camera (lens, mode dial, etc.) and match them with their functions.


Grammar: Using comparatives to express cause and effect

The students learn how they can use comparative forms to express cause and effect (the more … the better) and practice using it in writing and speech.

The lesson ends with a wrap-up discussion about hobbies in general.



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