Paragliding to work

Paragliding to work

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will talk about the most popular ways of commuting in different countries, describe their favourite means of transport, find out more about the equipment needed for paragliding, as well as understand the use of gerunds in sentences.



The student names the means of transport shown in pictures.



The student tries to label the parts of the paragliding set in the picture (helmet, harness, etc.).


Video: Paragliding to work

The student watches a video about people from the Swiss Alps who paraglide to work. Then, they complete the video comprehension practice.


Grammar: Gerund

The student reviews the proper use of gerunds and practices using them in sentences.


Vocabulary: Means of transport in different countries 

The student learns about means of transport in different countries (tuk-tuk, cable car, double-decker bus, etc.).

The lesson ends with a brief review.

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