Nothing brings people together like good food

Nothing brings people together like good food

Lesson overview

In this Upper Intermediate lesson, the student will learn and practice vocabulary related to the cooking process and eating.



The student reads and comments on a quote: Nothing brings people together like good food.


Phrasal verbs: eating and drinking

The student is introduced to eating and drinking phrasals and is asked to match them with their meanings (pig out, knock back, wolf down, plate up, pick at). Then, the student practices using them in sentences.
Next, the student tries to combine some of these verbs with different prepositions (e.g. pick up, knock down) and figure out their meanings.


Phrasal verbs: cooking

The student is introduced to some phrasal verbs related to cooking (e.g. chop up, cut off, mix in) and is asked to choose the right preposition for each phrasal.


Video: Sausage and egg bap

The student watches a video recipe of Sausage and egg bap by Jamie Oliver. They first remember the ingredients used in the cooking process. Then, they identify phrasal verbs and match them to the ingredients they refer to (e.g. toast up, whisk up, cut down). They also use them in sentences and then put the cooking instructions in the correct order.
Finally, the student explains the steps to prepare their favorite meal.



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