New horizons

New horizons

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, the students will acquire language related to Smart Cities, cyber security and automation. They will learn expressions to develop an argument, to debate ideas and present their opinions.



The lesson starts with a passage introducing the GIS app. The student needs to identify language related to argument and debate.

Then, they are introduced to phrases used to express agreement/disagreement, present a thesis statement, and state uncertainty. Furthermore, they learn how to share their perspective. Next, they put their knowledge into practice and decide whether sentences express agreement, disagreement, or uncertainty.


Reading: Sustainability and technology

The student reads a passage about how technology can help create a more sustainable world and complete the reading comprehension practice. New words are extracted from the text for the student to match them with their meanings (feasible, leaps and bounds, cut corners, etc.). 


Video: World’s technology capital

The student watches the video about Singapore being the world’s capital of technology and answers the video comprehension questions.


Reading: Smart Green City profile

The student reads a text about the plans to transform Paris into a Smart Green City by 2030. Next, they answer the reading comprehension questions.


Reading: A critique of Smart Technology

The student reads a critique of Smart Technology and completes the reading comprehension practice. They complete the reading comprehension practice and match the new words from the text with their synonyms (unfurl, exodus, unanchored, etc.).


Video: Saving lives with AI

The student watches the video Saving lives with AI and matches the new vocabulary based on the video with the meanings (scratch the surface, cluster, outperform, etc.). Next, they put technologies or therapies from the box in the correct categories (algorithms to detect arrhythmia and forward alert, CRISPR and immunotherapy, etc.).

Finally, the student completes the language review and a word family table.


In case you liked this plan here is another one touching on the topic of Smart Cities.

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