Microscopic Michelangelo

Microscopic Michelangelo

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will talk about art, describe pieces of art, find out the names of instruments used to create sculptures, synonyms of the word small,  as well as learn more about the proper usage of during, for, and while.



The student lists types of art they can think of (fashion and design, film and cinema, etc.). Then, they learn a bit about microscopic art by filling in the gaps.


Vocabulary: Microscopic art

They learn the names of instruments used in microscopic art and match them to their meanings and images (needle, brush, chisel, etc).


Video: Making the smallest sculptures in the world

The student watches a video about a man who makes the world’s tiniest sculptures and answers the questions related to the video.


Grammar: during, for, and while

The student learns about the proper usage of during, for, and while by completing explanations. Then, they practice using them to fill in the gaps.


Vocabulary: Synonyms of the word small

The student reads a short summary of the video and identifies synonyms of the word small (tiny, miniature, little). They make collocations with these adjectives and use them in sentences.


Speaking: Expressing likes and dislikes

They practice using different ways to express likes and dislikes.

Finally, they complete a review.



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