Incredible future technologies

Incredible future technologies

Lesson overview

In this Upper Intermediate English lesson, the student will learn and practice talking about future technologies using topic-related vocabulary.

The future is coming! And it’s coming fast! It will be here sooner than you think. Let’s learn about some mind-blowing technologies that will change the way we live our lives. It’s quite a demanding vocabulary lesson, but so worth learning and discovering. Enjoy the future right now! 


Warm-up: Mind map

In the warm-up part, the student’s task is to complete a mind map using the tech words from the box (e.g. implants, artificial neurons, silicon microchips, etc.).


Video: Top 5 technologies that will change the future

Prior to watching the video, the student gets familiar with the vocabulary used in the video by matching it with the correct definitions (e.g. capture, electrolyte, electrode, etc.). Then, they watch the video Top 5 technologies that will change the future. Afterwards, a list of technologies is presented for the student to circle the five technologies mentioned in the video.
The student also matches these five technologies with their function and purpose as well as their use in real life.


Vocabulary: modern technologies

A few more technologies are presented along with the explanations (eye augmentation, electric car, hologram projector, artificial photosynthesis). The student completes the explanations by choosing the correct alternatives.Then, based on the picture, they decide what type of technology is presented.

The lesson ends with a quick speaking exercise related to the use of modern technologies

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