Household monitoring robot: More than just a spy

Household monitoring robot: More than just a spy

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn about and discuss household robots, as well as discover more about emotional language.



The lesson starts with a warm-up riddle to introduce the topic.


Video: Household robot

Before watching the video, the student gets familiar with new vocabulary (turn off, think wrong, charge, etc.). After watching the video presenting Amazon Astro, a household robot, the student checks if the statements based on the video are true or false. They also get to review the robot functions in a fun way, using screenshots of the video. This is followed by a video-related discussion.


Grammar: Possessive pronouns

The student learns what possessive pronouns are (mine, yours, ours, etc.) and how they’re used properly. They practice using them by completing the sentences and correcting the mistakes.


Phrases to express emotional reactions

The student gets familiar with commonly used emotional expressions by reading Reddit comments about Amazon Astro (no way, come on, yikes, etc.).  They practice using them by pretending to react to different situations.


Vocabulary: Robot parts and functions

The student labels the robot parts using the Amazon Astro picture (cup holder, display, sensors, etc.). Then, they learn about its functions by matching them with their meanings (turn on, give access, sign in, etc.). Then, they replace the icons with the names of robot functions.

The lesson ends with a review of vocabulary and grammar.

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