Drawing beyond reality

Drawing beyond reality

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, the student will practice talking about art through the subjects of Hyperrealism and other art movements on a basic level.



The student describes a painting and expresses their feelings about it.


Vocabulary: Painting equipment 

The student labels the pictures of painting equipment (palette, brush, easel, paint). Next, they match the words related to painting with their meanings (oil paint, acrylic, canvas, etc.).


Video: It looks like a painting but it’s a drawing

The student watches a video about a painter who paints hyperrealistic paintings. Then, they answer the video-based questions, complete a pie chart about Hyperrealism, and fill in the blanks with the missing information.


Grammar: Past Continuous

The student learns about the structure and usage of Past Continuous Tense. Then, they practice using it to complete the sentences.


Reading: Realism vs. Hyperrealism

The student reads a text and learns about the difference between Realism and Hyperrealism as art movements. They complete the reading comprehension practice.

Finally, the student is presented with a few works of art to decide if they belong to Realism or Hyperrealism.



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