Do you have this product in my size?

Do you have this product in my size?

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson plan, students will learn language related to describing product features, dimensions, function and purpose.



The student reads a short paragraph about a product, identifying verbs of purpose and function (provide, be equipped with, enable to, etc.).


Verbs to talk about product features and purposes

Verbs used to talk about product characteristics and purposes are introduced. The use of gerund, infinitive, and passive voice for describing purpose is also explained. 


Adjectives to describe a product

The student learns some common and useful adjectives to describe a product (solid, durable, modern, cheap, old-fashioned, etc.).



The student puts their knowledge of product-describing verbs and adjectives into practice by filling in the gaps and choosing the correct alternatives.


Video: Internet of things

After watching a video about the Internet of Things, the student completes a video comprehension exercise and matches new words from the video with their meanings.

The student also learns the difference between features and advantages.


Questions about product features

The student learns how to ask questions about a product using phrases with how (how wide, how long, how many, etc.) through a matching exercise.
They apply their knowledge in a speaking activity.



Finally, they describe different products using the verbs and adjectives they learned in the lesson.



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