Diving into the unknown

Diving into the unknown

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson plan, the student will learn vocabulary related to career paths and have a discussion on this topic.



In the warm-up part, the student discusses happiness factors in their career and fills out the mind map.


Video: How and when to disrupt your career

Before watching a video, the student matches new vocabulary with the definitions (precipice, codify, plateau, etc.). Then, they watch the video teaching us how and when to disrupt our career and ourselves. They complete the sentences using the new vocabulary and mark the statements based on the video as true or false. They answer more questions based on the video information and keep adding information to the mind map they started filling out in the warm-up part.

They apply the knowledge and the vocabulary they learned from the video in a number of career-themed activities.


Reading: Workplace happiness strategies

They read the text presenting workplace happiness strategies and complete the text-related activities.

The lesson ends with a discussion and the final version of the mind map they were filling out throughout the lesson.



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