Design affects decision making

Design affects decision making

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, the student will learn and practice using vocabulary related to design while discussing how design affects decision making. They will also practice using question tags aren’t you? and don’t you?



The student is presented with a picture of a webpage and ticks the words that would describe it (art, design, color, website, etc.).


Video: How does design affect decision making?

Before watching a video, the student learns new words by matching them with the definitions (crucial, detect, perception, entrepreneur, etc.).

They watch the video How does design affect decision making? and answer the questions related to the video. Next, they complete the sentences extracted from the video with the missing words. They also decide whether information based on the video is true or false.


Grammar: Question tags

The student learns what question tags are and when they are used. Then, they practice using them in sentences.

The lesson ends with a few wrap-up questions referring to vocabulary, grammar, and understanding of the lesson topic.



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