Counterfeits vs. knockoffs

Counterfeits vs. knockoffs

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate lesson plan, students will practice using quantifiers (much, many, a lot, little, few, some, any, no). They will also learn about the difference between knockoffs and counterfeits.



The lesson starts with a few warm-up questions about original products and counterfeits. The student discusses the differences between genuine shoes and counterfeit ones in the picture.


Video: Why this Gucci knockoff is totally legal

Prior to watching a video, the student learns new vocabulary by matching it to the definitions (genuine, knockoff, counterfeit, etc.) and using it in sentences.

Next, the student watches the video Why this Gucci knockoff is totally legal and completes the comprehension exercise. Some phrases are extracted from the video for the student to try to explain their meanings (healthy for creativity, on the other hand, out of fashion, etc.). Then, they use them to complete a dialogue.


Knockoffs vs. counterfeits

The student learns about the differences and similarities of counterfeits and knockoffs by sorting them to fill in the diagram.


Grammar: Quantifiers

The student learns about quantifiers and how to use them properly (few, a little, a lot of, etc.) and revises countable and uncountable nouns.

Finally, to revise the vocabulary, they complete a reading passage in the form of a letter from a fashion designer to a store.

The lesson ends with a quote by a famous designer. The student shares their opinion about the quote.



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