All about Me

All about Me

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson plan, students learn when to use the Present Simple and Present Continuous. They will acquire language to present their professional profile during an interview situation.



The lesson starts with a short application letter in which the student identifies examples of the Present Simple and Continuous tenses


Grammar: Present Simple vs Present Continuous

These two tenses are contrasted in terms of their structure and use. The student learns about some stative verbs, which never take the continuous form (belong, understand, know, etc.).

They practice using these tenses by choosing the correct alternatives and fixing mistakes.


Reading: Job ad

The student reads a job ad and completes a reading summary activity. New words are extracted from the text for the student to match them with their synonyms (punctual, substantial, permanent, etc.).


Video: Job interview

The student watches a job interview video and answers questions about their observations. This activity is followed by a job interview discussion.


Vocabulary: skills and workplace

The student matches jobs to the corresponding skills and strengths, as well as to the workplace.

Then, they complete a CV with the appropriate titles (education, skills, hobbies, etc.).

This is followed by a short reading exercise in which the student learns about interview dos and don’ts.



To summarize what they learned, the student reads and completes a job ad and an application letter.



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