A country in the backyard

A country in the backyard

Lesson overview

This C2 lesson plan focuses on summarizing information, preciseness and spontaneity in expressing ideas about travel through the subject of micronations.



The lesson starts with a few general questions related to the student’s home country.


Vocabulary: Politics and governance

The student learns useful words and phrases used in politics and governance through a matching activity and by filling in the gaps (bill, capitalism, big government, etc.).


Video: Atlantium

The student watches a video about Atlantium, a micronation formed in a backyard. Then, they complete video comprehension activities.

They learn the difference between a micronation and a microstate.


Grammar: Coordinating relative clauses

The student learns how to coordinate clauses using coordinating conjunctions such as but and or. They practice applying their knowledge by combining sentences extracted from a text about the Republic of Molossia.

The lesson ends with an activity in which the student comes up with information about an imaginary micronation.


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