Why we worry

Why we worry

Lesson overview

This C2 ESL lesson aims to inspire students to reevaluate their perspectives on the habit of worrying excessively.



We’ll kick off with a lively task where students use chosen words to describe the renowned painting “The Scream.”



Next up, we’ll watch a video titled “Why We Worry All the Time and How to Cope.” Post-viewing, we’ll dive into a discussion focused on the video’s key points, exploring their relevance to personal experiences and boosting conversation skills.



Students will do a word-matching activity, namely linking adjectives to different problem-solving methods. Additionally, they will create stories centered around specific themes using a set of words.



We’ll move on to reading a brief article about the nature of worrying, followed by a discussion on its main ideas and themes to enhance reading comprehension and invite personal insights.



The lesson concludes with a creative word cloud activity, where students will share thoughts and key learnings from the lesson.

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