Why remain single?

Why remain single?

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, students will delve into various aspects of living a single lifestyle and look at both pros and cons. The lesson includes a range of exercises to reinforce vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking.



Brief discussion on how the students perceive the concept of being single.



The students watch a video “Reasons to remain single” and discuss the questions that follow.


Reading and writing

The students read a thought-provoking text which delves into various advantages of singlehood, such as personal freedom, financial control, and social flexibility. The students engage with the material through four discussion questions that encourage critical thinking and challenge societal norms. They are also tasked with writing a short passage summarizing their thoughts on the video and the text.



In this section, the students will perform a gap-fill and a matching exercise to solidify the newly learned vocabulary.



Finally, the lesson wraps up with a discussion about singlehood aided by a word cloud.



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