Who decides what art means?

Who decides what art means?

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate lesson plan, students will learn about who decides what art means and new vocabulary related to art. Students will also learn how to use participle clauses (in the past participles, present participles, and perfect participles). This lesson will also focus on getting students to discuss their opinions on art.



The lesson starts with some general questions about art.


Video: Who decides what art means?

Before watching a video, the student learns new words by matching them with the meanings (convinced, debate, replica, etc.). They watch the video Who decides what art means?, and answer the questions based on it. Then, they review the new vocabulary by filling in the gaps.

The student reads statements based on the video and decides if they are true or false. 


Grammar: Participle clauses

The student learns about the three types of participle clauses – Past Participle, Present Participle, and Perfect Participle Clause. They practice using participle clauses by matching sentence halves and rewriting sentences following the participle clause rules.

Finally, the student gives their interpretation of famous paintings keeping in mind what they learned from the video.



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