When avoiding conflict is toxic

When avoiding conflict is toxic

Lesson overview

This C1-level ESL lesson explores the topic of conflict avoidance and why it can sometimes be toxic. It includes warm-up questions, a short grammar section on reporting verbs, and an interactive fill-in-the-gaps exercise. The lesson concludes with a discussion that encourages students to think critically about the complexities of avoiding conflict.



Students will start with warm-up questions that tap into their personal experiences and opinions regarding conflict avoidance.



The students will watch a short video on pitfalls of conflict avoidance in relationships and answer theĀ  questions that follow.



A brief overview of reporting verbs will be presented to set the stage for the interactive exercises and discussions.



A fill-in-the-gaps activity using reporting verbs in sentences themed around conflict avoidance.



The students will read a short text and will be asked to find and correct any mistakes they can find. There are also follow-up questions to gauge reading comprehension.



Students will engage in a discussion based on four questions designed to stimulate critical thinking on the topic.



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