What’s the smartest age?

What’s the smartest age?

Lesson overview

In this Upper Intermediate lesson plan, the student will learn vocabulary related to brain development and parts of the brain. They will also practice using generic pronouns – one, we, you, and they.



The student looks at the picture of the brain and decides which of the words given can be used to describe it (development, smart, growth, intelligent).


Video: What’s the smartest age?

Before watching a video, the student gets familiar with the words used in the video by matching them with their definitions (decline, develop, prioritize, etc.).

They watch the TED-Ed video What’s the smartest age?. After it, they complete the sentences extracted from the video using the vocabulary they learned earlier. They learn more words related to brain anatomy and development (neural connection, cognitive control, neural pathways, etc.). Next, they answer a question based on the video information. They also decide if the statements based on the video are true or false


Grammar: Generic pronouns – one, you, we, and they

The student learns how to use generic pronouns – one, we, you, and they, and practices using them to complete sentences.

The lesson ends with wrap-up questions covering the topic of brain development as well as the grammar section.

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