Catching smugglers

Catching smugglers

Lesson overview

This lesson plan is designed for Upper Intermediate level students, with a focus on expanding their vocabulary related to crime and law enforcement, specifically within the context of smuggling. It aims to enhance their comfort level with using clauses of contrast, purpose, reason, and result.



The lesson begins with an engaging discussion activity about various smuggling concealment methods.



Students will view a video titled “Deep concealment: searching for hidden narcotics in cars | To Catch a Smuggler.” Following the viewing, they’ll engage in a question-and-answer session.



This section is dedicated to mastering clauses of contrast, purpose, reason, and result. Students will be provided with straightforward examples to aid their understanding.



In this interactive segment, students will practice by pairing sentence fragments to form complete sentences that illustrate the use of clauses of contrast, purpose, reason, or result.



The reading component involves an article that discusses the wide-ranging impacts of smuggling. Students will answer comprehensive questions to confirm their grasp of the text.



For the writing task, students are tasked with composing a narrative about a day in the life of a smuggler, focusing on the character’s motivations and the societal implications of their actions.



The lesson concludes with a discussion centered around a map depicting major smuggling routes, facilitating a deeper understanding of the topic.



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