What did they mean by that?

What did they mean by that?

Lesson overview

This C2 ESL lesson plan provides an in-depth exploration of ambiguous speech, aiming to enrich students’ understanding of language nuances. Through a variety of engaging activities including vocabulary exercises, reading comprehension, and discussion questions, students are encouraged to think critically about the complexities and implications of ambiguity in communication. Overall, the lesson is designed to bolster both language skills and cultural understanding at an advanced level.



Students will start with a discussion that incorporates four thought-provoking questions.



Students will watch a short humorous video on the pitfalls of ambiguous language used by women when talking to men. Some questions follow to gauge the students’ understanding of the video.



Students are tasked with a fill-in-the-gaps exercise using sentences and a list of advanced vocabulary words. Each gap has only one correct answer, and the exercise focuses on understanding the nuances of ambiguous speech.



Students delve into a reading comprehension activity. They read a short text exploring the complexities of ambiguous speech used in different settings: social, professional, and relational. The text encourages critical thinking about the role of language in social dynamics. To assess comprehension, five challenging questions follow the text.



Finally, the lesson wraps up with an open discussion based on four advanced-level questions. These questions aim to spark meaningful conversations around the utility and ethical implications of ambiguous speech, along with its impact in various contexts and cultures.




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