Videoconferencing: tips and tricks

Videoconferencing: tips and tricks

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, the student will learn and practice vocabulary related to videoconferencing etiquette. They will also revise the Present Continuous.



The student chooses the correct associations to the word videoconferencing.


Video: Conference call in real life

The student first gets familiar with the words that will be used in a video (etiquette, multitask, mute, etc.). Before watching a video, they read about videoconference etiquette tips

Next, they watch Conference call in real life and tick examples of inappropriate video etiquette they saw in the video. Then, they read more about videoconferencing and decide if the statements based on the text are true or false.


Grammar: Present Continuous

The student revises the structure and use of Present Continuous and then puts their knowledge into practice.


The lesson ends with a few wrap-up questions related to videoconferencing etiquette and the use of Present Continuous.

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