The working world

The working world

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson, students learn how to use different types of pronouns and possessive adjectives. They will acquire vocabulary to refer to jobs, recruitment and skills.



The student reads a paragraph focusing on pronouns and possessives and tries to identify them.


Grammar: pronouns and possessive adjectives

First, the chart of personal pronouns (subject and object) and possessive adjectives is presented and their use is explained. Then, it’s the student’s turn to practice by filling in the gaps, completing a dialogue, and circling the correct options.


Reading: Getting a job

The student reads a description about finding a job and learns some new business-related vocabulary (e.g. skills, qualities, domain, employer, etc.), which is tested in completion and matching exercises.


Video: Applying for a job at Google

After watching a video in which Google recruiters walk them through the hiring process, the student needs to complete the sentences explaining the steps of the process by inserting the correct words.

New vocabulary used in the video is tested in a matching exercise (e.g. cognitive ability, feedback, leadership, etc.).


Word family

As the final exercise, the student completes a word family table by adding correct word forms.



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