The story of Disneyland

The story of Disneyland

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will talk about Disneyland, practice vocabulary related to amusement parks, learn how to use linking devices like however, although, because, so’, and role-play a dialogue with the teacher to compare Disneyland in Paris, Orlando, and Tokyo.



The student solves a riddle to guess the topic of the lesson (Disneyland).


Video: How did Disneyland start

The student learns new vocabulary through a matching activity and uses it to fill in the gaps (amusement park, roller coaster, cartoon, etc.). They watch the video telling a story of Disneyland and its very beginning. The student then completes the video comprehension activity and marks the statements based on the video true or false.


Grammar: However, although, because, and so

Through examples, the student learns how to properly use however, although, because, and so. Then, they use them in sentences.



The student is given a fact file about Disneyland in Tokyo, Paris, and Orlando. Their task is to role-play a dialogue using this fact file to compare Disneyland in different places.

The lesson ends with a quick review of vocabulary and grammar.

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