The one true wisdom is knowing you know nothing

The one true wisdom is knowing you know nothing

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL Grammar lesson, students will practice grammar based on inversion, hedging and boosting, and expressing doubt in conversation. They will watch a video about inversion and complete exercises designed to show they understand the concept.



The lesson starts with a discussion about polite conversation.


Video: Inversion in TV Series

Before watching a video, the student is introduced to new vocabulary through a matching exercise. They will practice using the new words and matching some of them. They will watch the video and then discuss questions based on the video.


Reading for understanding

The student will read articles about using hedging and boosting, inversion and negation, and discuss the differences in meanings with the teacher. They will also practice using each of them in separate activities such as true or false, correcting the mistakes, completing the sentences, rephrasing the sentences etc.



The student reviews the vocabulary and grammar by completing sentences and answering wrap-up questions.



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