Doing Mardi Gras like a real New Orleanian

Doing Mardi Gras like a real New Orleanian

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will talk about a parade and the possibility of taking part in it, as well as learn the difference between in the end and at the end.



As an introduction to the story of Mardi Gras, the students will engage in a discussion about famous festivals around the world.


Video: Mardi Gras

The student watches a video about Mardi Gras and fills in the gaps with some basic information from the video.

They learn new vocabulary (Lent, jambalaya, Fat Tuesday, etc.) and discuss questions using the new wording.


Grammar: At the end vs. in the end

The difference between at the end and in the end is introduced.


Adjectives to describe a festival

The student learns some useful strong adjectives to describe performance, atmosphere, food, costumes, and music at festivals (mesmerising, dazzling, enchanting, etc.).


The lesson ends with a review of vocabulary and grammar.

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