Tech-tastic tomorrow: Flying cars, brain chips, and whatnot

Tech-tastic tomorrow: Flying cars, brain chips, and whatnot

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will discuss technologies of the future, give their opinion on future technologies presented in the video (driverless cars, augmented reality, flying cars etc.), as well as discover more about the First and Second Conditional.



The student picks the technologies from the list they think we might be using 20 years from now.


Vocabulary: Future technology

The student learns new technology-related vocabulary by matching it with the definitions (voice control, appliance, fitness tracker, etc.). Then, they decode the pictures to review the phrases. The student completes the sentences using the new vocabulary.


Video: Crazy tech ideas of the future

The student watches the video of people working in the tech world discussing crazy tech ideas that might become real. Then, they mark the video statements true or false and complete the sentences from the video with the missing words.


Grammar: 1st and 2nd conditionals

The student learns about the differences in the First and Second conditional structures. They also contrast the uses of the two conditionals and put their knowledge into practice.


Phrases to introduce an opinion

The student reads comments about technologies of the future and highlights the phrases used to express an opinion (tbh, I consider, I believe, etc.). Then, they label the phrases as formal or informal.


The lesson ends with a quick review of vocabulary and grammar.


More on cutting edge technology in this lesson plan.

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