Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Lesson overview

In this A2 English lesson, students will learn about house cleaning. They will also learn how to use prepositions of movement



The lesson starts with a few warm-up questions about home cleaning.


Video: How to wash dishes

Prior to watching a video, the student learns a few common words related to cleaning ( scrub, scrape, rinse, etc.). They watch the video How to wash dishes and answer the questions based on the video. They also complete the steps to washing the dishes with the missing words. 


Vocabulary: House cleaning

The student learns some more words related to cleaning (iron, mop, mow, dust, etc.) and uses them in sentences. They learn what a chore is and choose five chores from a list to talk about. Next, the student selects the tools needed to do the chores listed.


Grammar: Prepositions of movement

The student learns what prepositions of movement there are and how to use them properly. They practice using them by completing sentences with the correct ones and matching them with the images.

The student thinks of ten places they can clean and then names the chores they can do in each of these places


Finally, they pick a chore card and a preposition card to then make a sentence using both.



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