Soul-crushing work

Soul-crushing work

Lesson overview

In this Business English lesson, students will learn vocabulary and discuss how to deal with toxic people in the workplace.



The student comes up with things they associate with toxic working culture (heavy workload, gossiping, poor communication, etc.).


Video: Work crushing your soul?

Before watching the video, the student learns new words by matching them with their meanings (clique, blind spot, self-awareness, etc.). Then, they watch the video that explains what makes work culture so toxic. The student answers video comprehension questions and completes the sentences based on the video. 


Grammar: Imperative

The student learns about imperative, how it’s formed, and when to use it. They practice using it by completing sentences and rephrasing them. The student marks the sentences that sound toxic.

In the wrap-up activity, the student reviews the vocabulary and grammar they learned.

Comments (1)
Gareth Montgomery

Great lesson, well presented and on a relatable topic!

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