Poison Supper Club

Poison Supper Club

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, students will learn about the impact of the poison club and they will become familiar with new vocabulary related to  food, food regulation, and the FDA. Students will also learn how to use adjective clauses.



The lesson starts with warm-up questions related to food preparation, keeping food fresh, and eating.


Video: The Poison Supper Club that made our food safe

The student gets familiar with new vocabulary, which will be mentioned in a video (chemicals, preservative, regulation, etc.).

They watch the video called The Poison Supper Club that made our food safe and answer the questions based on the video. The student’s knowledge of the new vocabulary is tested. Then, they decide if the statements based on the video are true or false.


Grammar: Adjective clauses

The student learns what adjective clauses are and which pronouns are used to introduce them (who, which, whom, that, etc.). The student puts their knowledge into practice by identifying the relative pronouns and adjectival clauses, as well as completing them by choosing the correct alternative.

Finally, the student fills in the table by matching the words and phrases from the video with their meanings (borax, poison squad, acute poisoning, etc.).



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