Obsessive thinking, obsessive thinking, obsessive thinking…

Obsessive thinking, obsessive thinking, obsessive thinking…

Lesson overview

In this Proficiency-level ESL lesson, the aim is to enhance students’ psychology-related vocabulary.


The session begins with students diving into a short dialogue, to foster their engagement and linguistic skills.


Following the warm-up, students will watch a video titled “The True Cause of Obsessive Thinking.” This video will serve as a catalyst for discussion, prompting students to explore its key themes. They’ll be encouraged to respond to questions designed to draw out both straightforward and more complex thoughts.


Next, students will have the chance to apply their newly acquired vocabulary through hands-on activities. They’ll organize descriptions of behaviors into categories and work on defining terms that are central to the topic of obsessive thinking.


The reading segment consists of a brief diary entry. Students will be tasked with reading and then analyzing the text, putting their expanded vocabulary to use.


To conclude the lesson, there will be a discussion where students explore a particular behavior pattern in depth.



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