Modern-day nomads

Modern-day nomads

Lesson overview

This C2 lesson plan mostly focuses on vocabulary and discussion related to modern-day nomads. The student will discuss pros and cons of working online.


Warm-up discussion

The student answers questions related to working online and digital nomads.


Reading: Working online

The student learns about the growing trend of working online as well as its benefits. New words and phrases are then extracted for the student to match them with the words of the closest meaning (e.g. virtual assistant, redundant, perspective, etc.). This exercise is followed by reading comprehension questions.


Pick a card: reading and summarizing comments

In this exercise, the student picks a card with a quoted comment about pros and cons of working online. Then, they summarize the speaker’s opinion in their own words.


Video: Nomadland

The student watches the trailer of a film that depicts the lives of real-life, modern-day nomads, and afterwards answers questions related to it. 



In this part of the lesson, the student discusses the life of digital nomads by using words given in the box (e.g. worldview, monotony, wanderlust, etc.). Then, they learn new vocabulary through a matching exercise and practice it by completing the missing words in a text about the pros of nomadic life.


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