Misplacing apostrophes

Misplacing apostrophes

Lesson overview

In this Advanced ESL lesson, the student will learn and practice using apostrophes correctly.



The lesson starts with three similar sentences with an apostrophe in different places. The student tries to pick the correct one. 

They learn about the three uses of apostrophes.


Video: When to use apostrophes

The student watches the video When to use apostrophes. They learn some basic rules pertaining to apostrophes in a fun way. Then, they put their knowledge into practice by identifying the correct places for apostrophes. 

Next, the student corrects the apostrophe mistakes

They learn and practice the trickiest part of apostrophe use – plurals and plural possessive forms of numbers


Video: Misplaced apostrophe

The student watches an excerpt from a TV show with an example of a misplaced apostrophe.

In the wrap-up part, the student sums up what they learned about apostrophe use.


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