Meeting in progress

Meeting in progress

Lesson overview

In this Upper Intermediate ESL lesson, students will learn common phrasal verbs, office buzzwords and idioms suitable for a professional environment.  They will also learn how to participate in a meeting (in person or online).


Introduction to phrasal verbs

The lesson starts with a brief introduction to phrasal verbs, explaining what they are and why they are important.

In the exercise that follows, the student needs to replace the underlined words with phrasal verbs. To give them a hint, a few letters of each phrasal verb are given. In another exercise, the student corrects the mistakes in sentences containing phrasal verbs used in the previous exercise.


Office buzzwords

In the second part of the lesson, office buzzwords are explained, and the student needs to match some buzzwords which often appear in business English correspondence with their meanings. After that, they complete sentences with the new terms. 


Business idioms

First, the student learns about idioms in general. Then, they try to identify business idioms in sentences and guess their meanings. Their knowledge is then put into practice in a ‘fill in the gaps.


Video: Tips for your first business meeting

Before watching the video, the student gets familiar with the vocabulary later mentioned in the video through a matching exercise. After watching the video, they discuss the tips for a business meeting



The student is presented with different situations in a meeting (introducing themselves in a meeting, making suggestions, disagreeing politely, and interrupting politely). They learn some useful phrases and expressions, and then, they roleplay these situations with the teacher.



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