Living in the sci-fi world

Living in the sci-fi world

Lesson overview

In this Intermediate ESL lesson, students will review vocabulary related to technology and devices, as well as learn about the metaverse.



The student reads a paragraph and identifies the phrasal verbs (e.g. wake up, switch on, check in, etc.).


Phrasal verbs related to technology

In this section, the student gets familiar with phrasal verbs related to technology and devices (e.g. switch on, log in, log out, hook up, etc.) and then uses them to complete sentences.


Reading: The Metaverse

The student reads a short text about the origin of the metaverse and then completes the reading comprehension exercise. The new tech vocabulary is extracted from the text for the student to match it with the right definitions (linear, hologram, multi-dimensional, predict, mainstream, immersive).


Video: What is the metaverse?

The student watches the video explaining what the metaverse is and then completes the sentences based on the video. Next, they match the video vocabulary with the correct meanings (version, portion, sensor, fatigued, crave, sensations).

Finally, the student sorts out pros and cons of technology and explains each of them in their own words.



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