Is your relationship over?

Is your relationship over?

Lesson overview

This C2 ESL lesson plan is designed to enrich vocabulary with a focus on the causes of relationship breakdowns.



We start with creating a mind map that outlines the elements of a successful relationship, laying the groundwork for the upcoming discussion.



The centerpiece of the lesson is a video titled “The 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over.” Following the viewing, students will delve into a thorough discussion. They’ll explore a variety of thought-provoking questions linked to the video content, enhancing both their comprehension and speaking skills.



The lesson continues with a series of varied exercises to solidify the newly acquired knowledge. One exercise involves pairing detrimental relationship behaviors with their consequences. Students will also construct well-known proverbs using given words.



We’ll then proceed to read a short text about why relationships deteriorate. After reading, students will answer questions to evaluate their understanding and develop their critical thinking skills. This segment is also intended to foster open sharing of viewpoints.



Wrapping up, the lesson ends with an animated discussion based on a renowned quote. This final segment is aimed at recapping the day’s learnings and provides an opportunity for students to apply their enhanced vocabulary in expressing complex ideas.



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