Is BOGO really a good deal?

Is BOGO really a good deal?

Lesson overview

In this Upper-Intermediate ESL lesson, students will practice conditionals. They will also learn about sales gimmicks and why the details are important.



The lesson starts with a discussion about shopping.


Video: Why BOGO isn’t a great deal

Before watching a video, the student is introduced to new vocabulary through a matching exercise (retailer, lure, sales gimmick, etc.). They practice using the new words and matching some of them with the correct pictures. They proceed to watch the video explaining why BOGO isn’t a great deal and then discuss the questions based on the video. Next, they learn the meanings of some useful phrases found in the video and match them to the correct situations.

The student identifies key details in different coupons for BOGO deals.


Grammar: Conditionals

The student learns different ways to express conditions and how to use them correctly (if, only if, when, unless, etc.). They practice using conditionals by creating sentences about different coupons



The student revises the vocabulary and grammar by completing sentences and answering wrap-up questions.



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