Inside the world of influencing

Inside the world of influencing

Lesson overview

In this C2 lesson plan, students will watch a video about influencers, and learn some common phrases to talk about business in an informal manner.


Warm-up discussion

The lesson starts with a discussion about social media platforms and the new phenomenon of influencers. 


Video: What it’s like being a social media influencer

Prior to watching a video, the student gets familiarized with new vocabulary in a matching exercise (on a whim, take something by storm, outlet, hurdle, MBA, and certified). Then, they practice the new vocabulary by filling in the gaps with the missing words.


After watching the first part of the video Inside the big business of being a social media influencer, the student answers video comprehension questions. They do the same after watching the second part.

In another exercise based on the video, the student needs to listen closely to specific segments of the video and complete the sentences with the missing words they hear. These words (ballpark figure, hawk a product, be in on the action, promote, push a product, and deliver on one’s promise) are then used in a matching exercise where the student links them with their meanings. The student practices new vocabulary by using it to fill in the gaps and finding mistakes in the phrases and correcting them.


Wrap-up discussion

The lesson ends with a wrap-up discussion in which the student shares their opinion about social media influencers and speaks hypothetically of themselves as an influencer.



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