Imagining our future world

Imagining our future world

Lesson overview

The goal of this Upper-Intermediate ESL lesson is to introduce the use of the Future Perfect when describing past events in future time. Students will learn language about the environment, sustainability and our future circumstances. 



The lesson starts with a matching exercise where the student matches environmental problems with their solutions and discusses them with the teacher. 


Reading: The future of our planet

The student reads a brief prediction of our life on Earth in 30 years, paying special attention to the verbs used in the text


Grammar: Future Perfect

The student learns about the lesson topic, that is, the structure and use of the Future Perfect, and puts their knowledge into practice by filling in the gaps. Then, they practice using it in speech by answering questions referring to completed actions in the future.


Reading: Presentation about environment

The student reads a presentation about environmental problems and then answers some reading comprehension questions. New words are extracted from the text (vegetation, regulation, alternative, etc.) for the student to match them with their synonyms.


Video: This tool will help us get to zero emissions

The student watches a video in which Bill Gates explains how we could reach 0% carbon emissions. They discuss questions about the green premium.


Video: Biofuels

The student watches the video and learns about biofuels, how they are made and their advantages/disadvantages.

To revise the vocabulary, the student matches eco-friendly inventions with the correct eco-industry.


Reading: The downsides of electric vehicle production

The student reads about the downsides of electric vehicle production and answers the questions that follow.


Finally, the student makes predictions for 2050.



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