How’s your day been so far?

How’s your day been so far?

Lesson overview

This lesson aims to teach students how to have some basic communication with colleagues in a professional environment.  The primary skill is “small talk”, and focuses on building a student’s ability to speak in this way.



The lesson starts with a few questions about the first day of a new job and meeting new colleagues. The student shares their experience. This is followed by some basic tips on how to introduce oneself.


Video: Small talk

The student watches a video in which small talk is explained and some suggestions on starting a small talk are given. The student learns new vocabulary from the video (temperature check, cultural intelligence, be all business, etc.).


Vocabulary: Asking questions, responding, misunderstanding

The student learns about proper intonation when responding to what someone is saying.

They also learn what to say when there is a misunderstanding.

Next, they sort out small-talk questions based on the topic.

Finally, the student gets to discuss their personal experience with small talks.



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good plan!

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