How tea time came to England

How tea time came to England

Lesson overview

In this ESL Grammar lesson, students will discuss the narrative tense forms (Past Simple, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect) and talk about the history of tea time.



The student looks at pictures and tries to guess what country they’re connected with.


Video: How tea time came to England

Before watching the video, the student learns new words by matching them with their definitions based on the context (obsession, worthwhile, mug, etc.).

They watch a video explaining the history of tea time in England. They answer the questions based on the video and decide if the statements about Catherine of Braganza are true or false.


Grammar: Past tenses

First, the student identifies examples of Past Simple, Past Continuous, and Past Perfect in sentences.

Then, they review Past Simple form and rules, and use their knowledge to complete the gaps in sentences.

They do the same with Past Continuous and Past Perfect.

Next, they read the sentence containing all three tenses and mark their positions on a timeline to compare and visualize them.

In the activities that follow, the three tenses are combined, so that the student can practice choosing the correct one.

The student also reviews their knowledge of regular and irregular verbs by completing the table.

They practice using these tenses in speaking by answering questions related to their habit of drinking tea.

Finally, they review all three tenses by completing tense information in the table.



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